Hi. My name is Brad and I am addicted to my iphone.  


Ok, to be honest it's not all the time, but Just last week I found myself checking my phone over and over. Email. Nothing new.  Facebook.  Nothing interesting.  Twitter.  Not much happening.  Instagram.  No new pictures.  Snapchat. Well I hardly use that, but I was bored. Still nothing. 

I knew there probably wasn’t going to be anything life changing waiting in my newsfeed or message box considering I just checked it two minutes ago, but I wasn’t really in the mood to do much else and the promise of some interesting tweet, picture, or interaction from someone was promising.

I knew it wasn’t healthy.  My soul wasn’t being filled through my phone, but I was looking to my phone to provide some interest and escape from the ho-hum mood I was in.

Have you ever been there?    

I think we are more addicted to certain things than we may realize.  Admirable addictions are tricky to notice because they look good from the outside.  We appear selfless because we are doing everything for everyone, dedicated because we work all the time, or important because we're checking our phone every 30 seconds. 

Admirable addictions that I think are very common today are:  WORK. SOCIAL MEDIA, TV/YOUTUBE/ENTERTAINMENT, and ACHIEVEMENT.

Now don't get me wrong, these are all things that provide valuable services and can be extremely good, but problems can arise when we can go overboard. Surfing the internet for hours in boredom, investing all our time and energy into achieving goals as fast as we can to appear that we are something, or constantly filling all 18 hours of our conscious time in busyness, not thinking about whether what we're actually doing is fruitful and productive.  

I’ve been guilty of doing all of these, and it doesn’t lead to a fulfilling, enjoyable life.

Not many people will look down on your for working 24/7, and no one is going to call an intervention because you are constantly busy or on your phone - but life has a nice way of showing us when we’ve gone overboard. We start becoming unhappy, we lose the spark of life, we get weary, we stop laughing, inside we can feel something is off. 

So I encourage you, as I encourage myself -  Take time to fill your life with the best things first. Time with God, time with life giving friends, time doing work that you are gifted and effective at, time playing, time taking steps towards the right goals, and resting.

And yes, check your facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, pinterest, linked in, email, gmail, and whatever other sites float your boat to stay connected, but don’t get lost in the sea of information, cat videos, and status updates so much that you forget to live and enjoy YOUR life.  

Can you think of any other admirable addictions?  I’d love to hear your comments and thought below.