I've been thinking about investing lately and how important it is to invest in the right things. 

As it goes with money, you invest in certain stocks, companies e.t.c. so that you'll end up growing your money, and having more than what you initially invested. 

The same goes with our time, energy, and relationships.

I think it's important that every few months we look at our lives and see what kind of return we are getting on our investments. 

Is all that time on social media, returning good fruit?  Is that relationship helping you become a better person, or is it robbing you of your joy?  Are you spending money in a way that is taking care of your life and blessing others, or are you spending it on things you know you really didn't need right now?

And one other question that many of us forget to ask because we're good hearted am I investing into myself?   When we stop investing in ourselves, we often become stagnant and not as good helping those around us.  It's important to invest into our own growth, development, health, well being, so that we can be productive, full, and healthy enough to serve the world.  

I used to feel bad about investing in myself. Whether it was spending $700 on a music course that would teach me how to make a living as an independent artist, or paying a few extra dollars to buy more nutritious food and good supplements.  But I've found that making those wise investments builds me up and ends up being returned to be many times over in energy, opportunities, and that feeling that I'm doing something that's good for me.  

So maybe take 5 minutes to think sometime today.  What are the good things I'm investing in that are producing good things for me?  What am I investing in that isn't returning back much good?  And how do I need to invest in myself? 

Have a good week!