The time I spend with God is the most important time of my day.  I grew up using a physical bible, paper journal and pen during my quiet times with God, but there are many great apps and tools you can use to engage with God using your smartphone or tablet. 

I have tried many different devotional apps and have found these 5 to be the most effective and enjoyable to help my time with God be consistent and fruitful.  

1. BIOY - Bible in One Year (Free)

This is my favourite devotional bible app that provides a reading from Psalm/Proverbs, the New Testament and The Old Testament every day.  It’s design is beautifully simple and each day’s reading falls within a relevant theme. Along with each reading is a short devotional thought from Nicky Gumbel, creator of the Alpha. I’ve never been able to stick to a consistent bible reading plan until I started using this app and I find myself looking forward to my reading every morning. It also includes audio reading and commentary.

2. ECHO - (Free)

I have found prayer lists to be the most effective way for me to stay focused and consistent in prayer. Echo is the best (and best looking) prayer app out there.  It lets you keep a list of your prayers, organize them into groups, mark them as answered, set a reminder for your prayer time and has a “Pray Now” button you can use to set a time for a set time of focused prayer.  Including your smartphone in your prayer time might feel strange to you at first, but I find it keeps me on track and accountable. 

3. DAY ONE - (Iphone/Ipad - $6.99 Mac - $39.99)

Day One is a journaling app for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. It features a clean, distraction free interface, the ability to make photographic entries, customized writing reminders, easy search for past entries and a privacy passcode lock.  I look forward to journalling using this system. It’s a great way to pray, pour out your heart to God, or just process your day.  I highly recommend the Mac version. 

4. APPLE MUSIC (3 months free, $9.99 after)

Apple Music is my go to resource for Christian/worship music.  I have all my favourite worship albums in my collection and with two clicks I can have worship music playing.  I often enjoy having worship music on as I journal and pray and sometimes I will just be still and linger in the presence of God as the music plays. 

5. FREEDOM ($29/year)

Do you ever find yourself going on facebook/twitter/instagram during your time with God?  One post can take you in 100 different directions.  It’s easy to become distracted when using a smartphone or tablet.  That’s why I use Freedom to block distracting websites and apps during my quiet time with God. With Freedom you can schedule your Freedom time in advance or start sessions on the fly.  You set the time frame and the list of apps and websites that distract you, and for that time you’ll be blocked from them. This is not only useful for your time with God but also for any other time you want to be productive. I can be a chronic social media checker, so I need this app to keep me in line!

Using these apps keep me focused, consistent and fruitful in my time with God.  I think God was the mastermind behind all the great technological advances, so it’s only proper that we use them to know Him more! 

Question: What is the biggest distraction for you during your time with God? Are there any apps you've found useful?